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Amersham is a busy market town within the Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire and is located only twenty seven miles north of London. Amersham Hotels are fortunate enough to find themselves in an historic town boasting a strategic location. Amersham is divided between quite two different areas: Old Amersham, set in the attractive Valley of the River Misbourne, which boasts the 13th century parish church of St. Mary's and several old pubs that are well attended and coaching inns boasting even further character; and Amersham-on-the-Hill, which grew rapidly around the railway station in the early part of the 20th century this is the newer trendy part offering great shopping and restaurants.

Amersham-On-The-Hill is the modern part of Amersham and offers the major shopping centre, library and Chiltern Pools. The Old Town provides visitors wonderful photo opportunities as it is a perfect picture box setting and attracts people who are both local and international tourists who come to view the half timbered buildings leaning into the street their quaint shop fronts hosting specialist crafts and goods, designer goods and boutique shops. Quaint cottages are found in between attractions include the prize winning Amersham Museum, housed in an ancient building from the mid 15th century and the Market Hall which may be traced back to 1682.

Records of Amersham date back to the Anglo-Saxon times, when it was known as Egmondesham, and by the time that the Domesday Book was written at around 1086 it had become known as Elmodesham.

A good selection of hotel choices are presented to visitors of Amersham ranging from luxury five star Hotels to boutique exclusivity, sophisticated business hotels and budget styled commuter conveniences.

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